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Classical and Exclusive Made H. Moser & Cie Rare to be Founded

Reports show, nearly 10 years, many buy replica breitling senior watches are a return to traditional, begin to use the brand and independent production of mechanical movement and will watch to design, and this is h. Moser & Cie since its inception has always insisted on, and the pursuit of system tables.As a senior wrist watch brand, when Henry longed for in the design style, concept and parts and other advanced wrist biggest difference lies in its annual handmade, classic is excellent, rare original to the limit.When Henry for the current chief executive Edouard Meylan said in an interview, now independent production watch parts including movement, balance spring and tackled longitudinal agency brand is very rare indeed, such a brand in the world is not more than ten, and Henry is one of desire.Henry for the annual output of about one thousand, when the development of a new movement lasted for five years, assembled a powerful, design sophisticated wrist take nearly 50 hours.Because of the complexity of the machine parts and could not be mass production, the watchmaker, will need 320 parts manual polishing, made a long time.But when Henry desire are reluctant to give up the traditional tabulation skills and processes, all because when Henry for the watchmaker obsessed with each ring in the detail perfect, make sure that each Henry longed for wrist watch as precious.经典与独创,造就亨利慕时“珍罕难寻”  (点击图片翻页)

In h. Moser & Cie, of all the initial tabulation skills has been wide acclaimed and most deserve proud, is it brings nice convenience to the upkeep of wheel replacement parts, avoid the error of center of gravity Straumann double balance spring torsion apparatus system, the safe and correct calendar operate.Since the arrival of h. Moser & Cie exchangeable escapements won the eye of the many parts.This tabulation skills into a series of has disappeared from horological technology stage long technical details, and as a result of the sophisticated method, therefore can’t be utilized in production, however this is often exactly what h. Moser & Cie lovers favorite places: as a result of scarce smart exclusivity is difficult to seek out.Continuation of consistent expertise and originality, in 2005, h. Moser & Cie launched the primary paragraph with Swiss kind anchor escapements exchangeable discount fake panerai parts, equipped with anchor and anchor manufactured from pure gold, moreover as adjusting screw and new facet Jin Mao finish system.In 2007, h. Moser & Cie clock designers got to modify the core of the oscillation system, and also the wheel balance spring system “.In exactness engineering technology co., LTD and Straumann institute, with the assistance of this method adopts the improved balance spring alloy material and also the style theme of mixing oscillation stability wheel make sure the synchronism of gliding joint watch and accuracy.On the premise of this, h. Moser & Cie designers still bring revolutionary transformation to the movement.Because of Breguet terminal curve isn’t simple to bend, it’s 经典与独创,造就亨利慕时“珍罕难寻”  (点击图片翻页)troublesome to completely make sure the center of gravity is found within the neutral axis, so as to avoid this results in the middle of gravity of the error, h. Moser & Cie was born Straumann double balance spring torsion apparatus system.And is employed to compensate the tourbillon is totally different, the main focus of the error Straumann double balance spring torsion apparatus system, directly can avoid the error of manufacture – 2 balance uprise and down with a similar mechanical properties to brighten, severally to the left and right oscillation, oscillation, its center of gravity would really like slow plane curve outward from the middle.Due to the rotation of the 2 balance spring in a very totally different direction, therefore it additionally replica omega happens that uneven oscillation within the wrong way, therefore on build the main focus eventually correct keep within the center.